Polochon (Sicile) (polochon) wrote in cycloid,
Polochon (Sicile)

New Pierrot fansite


I'm beginning a new Pierrot fansite... yeah yeah, even though they splitted: they played great music, created a "universe" I loved, and all of this made me become a fan of them... this won't stop because of a split! And I do intend to follow ex-members solo activities on this website.

The link: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr
Forum: http://dbforum.free.fr

I don't intend to make it a "cold screen only presenting what they did": expect comments explaining why I could become a fan of a band so far from my own country, translations, such. But for now we're still beginning: there isn't much on the website yet, I hope you'll like it nevertheless!


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