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The creature was reborn out of hades....

OMG! I only found out today that Kirito, Kohta and Takeo formed another group?! What the?! I'm so shocked! Anyway, the group is called Angelo and here's their official site:

Angelo Official Site

They would be releasing a maxi single - Reborn this November 8th. Their debute single! OMG OMG! I must get it! As usual, Kirito is a man of surprises ne. ^^ Wonder how he makes it all happens.

Oh yahz. As usual, I'm the backed dated person ne. So I suppose everyone knows about this already? XP I wonder who their guitarist are? Or... is there only one guitarist (Kirito), one bassist (Kohta) and one drummer (Takeo)? Since there's only 3 of them on the official webby....

Kirito = Loves!!!

Ps. Hopes this qualifies as a Kirito related post!
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