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The creature was reborn out of hades....

OMG! I only found out today that Kirito, Kohta and Takeo formed another group?! What the?! I'm so shocked! Anyway, the group is called Angelo and here's their official site:

Angelo Official Site

They would be releasing a maxi single - Reborn this November 8th. Their debute single! OMG OMG! I must get it! As usual, Kirito is a man of surprises ne. ^^ Wonder how he makes it all happens.

Oh yahz. As usual, I'm the backed dated person ne. So I suppose everyone knows about this already? XP I wonder who their guitarist are? Or... is there only one guitarist (Kirito), one bassist (Kohta) and one drummer (Takeo)? Since there's only 3 of them on the official webby....

Kirito = Loves!!!

Ps. Hopes this qualifies as a Kirito related post!
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Wow. A post! ^^

I can't wait until I can preorder the single as well. ...highly anticipated!

I was wondering the same thing, about who's doing what. While Kirito plays guitar just fine, after watching "The Fef of Hameln", he doesn't appear to play alot and sing at the same time. He does simple chords and then when he's not singing, goes into his heavier guitar sounds. (I guess he can't multi-task well?) So maybe they'll have recorded guitar parts for when he's singing & can only play a little bit at a time?? Or maybe he's been practicing like mad. XD I guess we'll see. ^^;
lolz. I guess this shows how inactive this community is? *opps XP*

I cant wait too! I was looking al over the internet for the date which it would be release for pre order. but there was non. (couldnt sleep last night!)

True true, But he's a talented man so maybe he's playing and singing at the same time? Or did they not want to announce because they are afraid that the guitarist would be treated as Jun and Aiji subs? That would be quite unfair ne.

If he does that... then i wonder how they will be doing live ne. Hire another guitarist?
Someone had said that the preorder is supposed to go up in September, but I don't know where they got their info from.

I still think that they are just going to keep it as the three of them. I don't see them getting a studio guitarist. It doesn't seem their style...but what do I know. ^^;;;; Yes, branding some guitarist as "Jun or Aijis' substitutes" would be unfair, but I think I would be guilty of it. -_-; I believe it's going to take some time for the fans to adjust to this new persona. But they are a magical group of people, so they will undoubtedly make it work! XD

Kirito's next concert is in, like, a week or two so maybe he'll announce something then? The suspence is killing me. 8O
I wonder too. How accurate is it? Maybe it's just an estimation?

I think I may too. But may not cos actually, I'm quite anticipating Jun's band to release an album. And I'm already very grateful that Kirito release a lovely Decide single. ^^ So I guess... Just be contented?

Cos as long as it's Kirito's voice, no matter how it does not suit my taste at the start, i will still grow to like it eventually. It's just a matter of liking it at the start or later.

lolz. I hope so! But I wont be there anyway, so unless some one does an entry on it, I wont know anything too. XP