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Cycloid's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]


New single TEAR to be released March 23 2006. Check out the info on the official site here.

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April 5th, 2011]

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more at [info]tofupanda_sales 
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February 26th, 2011]


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x-posted, sorry >.<"

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Kirito icons [Thursday
December 14th, 2006]

Mostly this came about when I decided I don't have any good Kirito or T.M. Revolution icons. Suddenly I was making icons of some of my favorite vocalists, pairings, and Lida. >_>;

Total Icons [99]
Dir en grey [24]
    Kaoru x Kyo, Kyo
Gackt [13]
hide [1]
Kirito [23]
Psycho le Cemu [22]
    Daishi, Lida, Lida x Daishi
T.M. Revolution's Takanori Nishikawa [16]
Including 3 holiday icons and 3 "my fandom" icons


( Follow the fake cut )
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The creature was reborn out of hades.... [Sunday
August 20th, 2006]
OMG! I only found out today that Kirito, Kohta and Takeo formed another group?! What the?! I'm so shocked! Anyway, the group is called Angelo and here's their official site:

Angelo Official Site

They would be releasing a maxi single - Reborn this November 8th. Their debute single! OMG OMG! I must get it! As usual, Kirito is a man of surprises ne. ^^ Wonder how he makes it all happens.

Oh yahz. As usual, I'm the backed dated person ne. So I suppose everyone knows about this already? XP I wonder who their guitarist are? Or... is there only one guitarist (Kirito), one bassist (Kohta) and one drummer (Takeo)? Since there's only 3 of them on the official webby....

Kirito = Loves!!!

Ps. Hopes this qualifies as a Kirito related post!
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New Pierrot fansite [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006]


I'm beginning a new Pierrot fansite... yeah yeah, even though they splitted: they played great music, created a "universe" I loved, and all of this made me become a fan of them... this won't stop because of a split! And I do intend to follow ex-members solo activities on this website.

The link: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr
Forum: http://dbforum.free.fr

I don't intend to make it a "cold screen only presenting what they did": expect comments explaining why I could become a fan of a band so far from my own country, translations, such. But for now we're still beginning: there isn't much on the website yet, I hope you'll like it nevertheless!


-Cross-posted on several Pierrot LJ communities-
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Kirito promo card things [Friday
January 27th, 2006]

I'm new to this community, and if it is forbidden to sell things here, please let me know and I shall delete my post. I'm not selling CDs or DVDs or anything bootleg, so I hope not to cause trouble^^

American Promo CardsCollapse )

Thank you very much!

(now crossposted, but the responses are slow enough that I can keep this information up to date)
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news of Kirito's TEAR single!!! [Thursday
January 12th, 2006]
[ mood | hyper ]

TEAR single up for preorder on cdJapan!

Regular (1050yen) - has two tracks, [TEAR] and another song whose title is not yet set
Limited A-Type (1050yen) - has three tracks, [TEAR], that untitled song, and [TEAR REMIX VERSION A]
Limited B-Type (1050yen) - has three tracks, [TEAR], that untitled song, and [TEAR REMIX VERSION B]
Limited C-Type (1050yen) - has three tracks, [TEAR], that untitled song, and [TEAR REMIX VERSION C]
Limited with DVD (1680yen) - has two tracks, [TEAR], that untitled song, as well as a DVD (most likely with the PV for TEAR)
(all varying versions have different jackets)

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January 5th, 2006]
I just added a bit more about Kirito's new single [TEAR] for those curious what the second half of the update on his site says XD;

'WTH KIRITO?!' was all I could say... >>Collapse )

[TEAR] will be used as the ending theme of a Japanese show called "New Cuisine Style SHOW" -.-
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New Single! [Wednesday
January 4th, 2006]

Hey guys! Your lovely mod here with some awesome news, fresh off the press!

Thanks so much to fenixsuzaku for this information!

From KIRITO's official site CYCLOID:

近日 詳細発表!

release date set as March 23, 2006!!
more details coming soon!

Thanks SO much for the info fenixsuzaku

- Trish
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Kirito "Fef of Hameln" tour DVD! [Monday
January 2nd, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone~

It's been a while since I posted in here~! (Since no one else does ahahaha~)So I think I need to liven things up by talking about the new tour DVD that Kirito put out! Those of you that have seen it, what do you think? Good, Bad? I'm writing an exhaustive review for it myself, but it will take a few days. Until then, lets get some discussion going! What does everyone think?

- Trish

P.S. Gonna make a few changes to the community here and there to try and get some more people to join! >_>

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