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Kirito promo card things

I'm new to this community, and if it is forbidden to sell things here, please let me know and I shall delete my post. I'm not selling CDs or DVDs or anything bootleg, so I hope not to cause trouble^^

At Anime-fest 2005 (a convention), I picked up a bunch of these cards from the flyer table. I realized that I have no idea what to do with them... so I am selling them!

Prices (including shipping):
Everywhere: $1.00
Internationally/Over Seas: $2.00
I accept Paypal (non credit card transfer), cash, check, money order, etc.

Quantity: 8 7 (one of them has a slightly dog-earred corner, so if you don't want that one, let me know)
Get how many you want^^

Measurements: 4x6 inches, 10x15 centimeters



If you decide you want one, please say "I want one"!. Please DO NOT give your address here, but e-mail it to me at fynoda@yahoo.com. It's for safety reasons~

Thank you very much!

(now crossposted, but the responses are slow enough that I can keep this information up to date)
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